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05 Jan 2024
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Well… For a while, I was thinking of a good name for a first post, but as you can see: it was fruitless.

Regardless, I figure I should start with things I’ve been thinking about lately. Ever since I’ve started reading about Web Revival, I’ve been really interested in how old websites used to look like.

It’s not that I wasn’t on Internet when they were around, but when I started using Internet, the big thing was the rise of Facebook, everyone had a Facebook page or wanted one.

Of course, I remember seeing old websites and such, but recently I was reminded of how much personality they had. They also apparently usually had a “Links” page where people could share links to websites they liked, so I think I should add a Links page in the future too. I have a ton of websites I want to share.

Another thing was the whole web shrines concept. That’s very similar to what people do nowadays when they make fan accounts for their favourite idols, characters, series, and so on. Well. I think I could possibly make at least one for a beloved musical band of mine. It’ll take some thinking though. Stay tuned! (I guess)

Oh, and I have a ton of buttons I want to add, but I’ll have to think of an appropriate place for them.

I’m still not completely used to the concept of blogging, but it makes a big difference compared to posting on any social media application or website. This feels much better. (Kind of like a diary?) Whereas I seem to care and get anxious about what people read on my social media profiles, I don’t mind if people read what I have on this website.

I’m going to add so many things to this website in the future. Still keeping with the same website concept that I have right now, of course.

That said, that’s it for this first post. Hope you enjoy your stay on this island of mine. It has a nice beach and view, you can relax here.